Why Human Design?

Human Design is a system founded by Ra Uru Hu that gives you an energetic blueprint of how you are meant to live your life. 

How often have you felt like something is wrong with you? That you're either too much or not enough. 

Cue in Britney Spears' song "Piece of Me". You can't please everyone. 

You see, Human Design gives you a map of how you are designed to utilize your energy. 

I teach Human Design as a tool to bring you back to who you are. 

Kinda like how Moana guides Te Fiti back to who she is, the goddess of life. 

You can literally use Human Design in any area of your life: Money Mindset, Business, Relationships, etc. 

Keep on scrolling to see all your options to dive into this modality (and work with me). 


Start Here

How you can begin to work with Human Design!

For those new to Human Design, I highly recommend starting with my free content inside the freebie library. In here you will find trainings on how to look at your chart, the human design types and more!  

>>>Click here for access<<<

If you know your Human Design, perhaps you've had a reading done before, but you've never taken any Human Design courses, this section is for you!

I have a self paced level one Human Design course where you will learn the types, authorities and centers. 

>>>Check out Living by Design here<<<

I also have a self paced certification that teaches you how to do Human Design Readings for others. 

>>>Check out the certification here<<<

This section is for you if you are wanting to learn how to use Human Design in your business. In my course, Soul Led Biz, I teach you how to utilize your type in business, how to create offers, talk on social media, branding and more based on your Human Design. 

>>>Check out Soul Led Biz here<<<

I have a few different options available for those seeking a formal Human Design Reading.

I offer written blueprints, zoom & readings over voxer.

>>>Click here to explore reading options<<<

If you are looking to dive deep into your Human Design, I have 1:1 coaching options. 

For 1:1 coaching, email [email protected] with subject "1:1 Coaching" to talk about options for you. 


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