August 22: Full Moon Aquarius in Gate 30

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2021

It’s the Full Moon in Aquarius! It’s a blue moon and this energy can feel super potent. The moon gate is in Gate 30: The Gate of Feelings. 


I started working with the moon cycles last year and it’s changed my life. As someone whose body craves consistency, I started out just using the new and full moon as a time to be consistent in my intention setting and releasing what no longer serves me.


I listened to watch each moon cycle meant, but didn’t let myself get overwhelmed with the details. 


New moon = time to set intentions/declare desires I am manifesting. Full moon = time to reflect on things that no longer are serving me and let them go.


Once I had a handle on that, I started adding in and becoming more aware around the energy of the moon.


Most people do this with astrology (nothing wrong with that!) but I wanted to explore in the Human Design energy, since this is the energy that I understand on a deeper level. 


So here we are. I am sharing my study and reflections with you as we move through each transition. 


Let’s take a deeper look at Gate 30, the gate of feelings. The shadow frequency of this gate is desire. When I first heard this, I thought “aren’t desires a good thing?”. Yes, they are. We are meant to desire because those desires push us to experience things and learn things. And I do fully believe that our desires are meant for us. 


The shadow within this gate lies in how we deal with our desires. Are you repressing them? This shows up often in religion, where moral laws repress desires (e.g, sexual desires). When you repress your desires, your inner fire dies out and you take life very seriously. Reflect on if this shows up in your life (for many of us it does!). The other side is the reactive nature of this shadow, which is being flippant. These are people who indulge their desires without care. This is acting almost flippant about life. I think of the show Gossip Girl where one of the characters, when dealing with the love of his life choosing another man, indulges himself in everything. His motto was saying yes to anything people asked of him. He followed every desire. While yes, it led to adventure and more opportunities, he also didn’t care about pain or getting hurt. He was just flippant about taking care of himself. 


Looking at the gift frequency of this gate, we have lightness. This is truly about trust and surrendering. It’s shifting your awareness to another level, where you know that your desires aren’t going to bring lasting peace. It’s this feeling of being detached from your desires and knowing if they come, it’s great, but if they don’t come, it’s also great. You are trusting and knowing that you are being taken care of no matter what. It’s this light way of being where you are in surrender and in deep trust with God that things are all working out for your highest good. 

So now the question lies in how to use this in accordance with the full moon.


I am reflecting on my relationship with my desires? Is there any desire that I am suppressing? Am I too attached to my desires? Personally I am a big fan of journaling in my moon ceremonies and I also spend time just cleansing my aura and the area around me. 


This full moon comes when I am making a major change in my life. I am spending this time reflecting on my desires, but also releasing possessions that no longer hold special meaning in my life. 


I encourage you to experiment with how you enjoy working with the moon energy. What feels best to you? There are people who hold moon circles and hold space for meditation, sharing and reflecting. 

To dive even deeper into your Human Design and these elements, I invite you to join the Embody Your Design membership. In this membership there are human design teachings, hot seat coaching and more!

What are you doing for this full moon? I'd love to know! 


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