Introducing Embody Your Design

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

Do you ever just feel like you want to start over? 

Wipe the slate clean and just begin again?

I realized that it is never completely starting over because I am not the same person I was when I originally started.

After a recent conversation I had via Instagram, I decided to bring this blog back into play.

I had been wanting for almost a year to have this Human Design type membership.

I nurtured the idea in my mind for months before finally taking action.

Bringing it into fruition and creating a brand that is different than what the original thought was.

It’s all about embodiment.

Embodying who you are and who you are designed to be. 

After doing some work and creation of this membership and brand, I ran its Human Design chart.

Yes, your business, offers, etc all have their own unique Human Designs (I even read a book around the Human Design of the coronavirus pandemic...very interesting read). 

I personally am a Manifesting Generator, 6/3, 8 of 9 centers defined.

Embody Your Design is a 4/6 Projector with lots of undefined centers. 

It’s just perfect for me, what this container is meant to be and the wisdom that is coming out of the program. 

The purpose of Embody Your Design is to bring you the wisdom of Human Design and give you the tools and support you need to embody your design.

It’s not just enough to know intellectually what Human Design is (aka what your type is, the profiles, centers, etc).

In order to bring change, you need to BE your Human Design.

Embody that energy. Know what it feels like in your body.

The containers that I see aren’t always set up to support with embodiment on a large scale.

I see it mostly in 1:1 containers, mastermind and intimate group coaching containers.

The bigger the group, the less room for support and embodiment practices.

Embody Your Design is changing that narrative. 

As the group grows, so does the level of support and the ability to be seen.

I am so freaking excited and ready to bring this to you.

The best part is that the first level of this membership is FREE.

This blog will contain written parts of what I teach in video format in the membership portal, and audio format in the Embody Your Design Podcast. 

The vision is to cover all different ways to learn and begin to put into practice your Human Design.

The VIP level contains additional support and application of your Human Design. 

If you aren’t already a member, join the first level of the Embody Your Design membership here.

If you are ready to upgrade to VIP, just click here.

I’ll see you guys in the next blog post, where I’ll be sharing about Human Design types!


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