Looking at the Sun and Gates 40 & 64

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2021

Hey everyone! 

One of my most requested topics has been around the gates, and what I find fascinating is playing around with the transit energy.


Each week, I will be sharing about some major energy we are moving through in these newsletters along with the specific gate’s energy.


There will also be mini lessons about the astrological aspect in Human Design. 


This week’s topic: The Sun


The Sun represents life force energy. We have the conscious (black) and the unconscious (red) for this planet. The Conscious Sun is your life’s work. This is your brand, who you are, what lights you up and what you are here to do. This is what you are here to learn. This gate accounts for 70% of your personality. This is also what you are here to give to other people. This gate tells you a lot about who you are. 


The Unconscious Sun  is where we see the father archetype. This could also be where you can see any father wounds in your life. This can be personal or ancestestral or generational.


In your chart, you look at your gates to play around with this energy. However, this energy moves each and everyday (it’s how the people who are born today get their Human Design charts). 


The Sun this week is in Gate 40 (from September 1-3) and Gate 64 (starting September 4).

Gate 40: The Gate of Aloneness

Shadow: Exhaustion

Gift: Resolve

Siddhi: Divine Will


This gate is located in the Ego Center and has the energy of independence. People with this gate crave alone time. There is an energy to get things done and strong willpower, but also a need for alone time to rest and replenish afterward. The shadows can show up as a lack of boundaries and not standing up for yourself and/or the denial of rage. I personally have this gate defined unconsciously in my Sun. I’ve noticed a lot, especially when I was younger, not standing up for myself and not having strong boundaries. This is something I have moved through. The gift of resolve is about becoming adept at giving to yourself. There is this balance between serving the world and serving your own enjoyment. It’s about being in flow. 

Gate 64: The Gate of Confusion

Shadow: Confusion

Gift: Imagination

Siddhi: Illumination


This gate is located in the Head Center, the mental pressure center. This energy is about pondering all of life’s possibilities and the pressure to examine everything to find a breakthrough or a new understanding. The shadow of confusion is about pain. Human pain, the more we think about life and get in our heads, we witness pain and suffering. This can show up as repressing this nature and imitating other people and hiding from human pain. It’s about avoiding this pondering. The other side of this shadow, the reactive side is taking this pain and outwardly expressing it. A way to look at these shadows is looking at abused people and abusers. Hurt people hurt other people. Moving into the gift energy, this is imagination. This is about moving through the pain and beginning to see possibility. I think of it this way, we are not our thoughts, but the thinker of our thoughts. When we begin to see things from a higher perspective and begin to imagine things different from what they are, we are moving into the gift frequency of this gate. 

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I'll see you next week for the next energy update!


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