Who are you living for?

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2020

Do you often do things that don’t bring you joy, simply out of obligation?


This was me. I was in a job that I despised because of outside pressure to have a job with benefits. 


I stayed in a relationship that I knew deep inside wasn’t lighting me up because I cared about the other person and didn’t want them to feel unloved.


I would say yes to things that I knew weren’t right for me, but felt bad for changing my mind.


With former coaches of mine, I would take on their vision and strategy for my business instead of following what lit me up.


What got me to stop doing this was learning about my Human Design.


My coach, Amanda King, sent out a beautiful email this morning that expresses my sentiments exactly.


Human Design allowed me to unlock the potential that I have always had deep inside.


It gave me permission to fully live out as ME. 


And that I have the power to change my life. I am the creator of my own life. I am meant to be my own unique self.


And I have so much potential inside of me, that is waiting to be unleashed upon the world.


When I started diving deeper into my design, I saw that everything that I was ashamed of about myself, is how I am meant to be.


I change my mind often and have a lot of passionate energy. That’s a beautiful part of who I am.


I tend to have multiple projects going on at once (for instance, as I am writing this blog post I am on call for my job as a librarian and also working on projects for a coach I work for). 


I love embracing who I am more and more each day and celebrating that!


I realized I am meant to express who I am more and show you all that it is okay to be yourself. I give you permission to shine.


We are all so unique and beautiful. I enjoy getting to know every single one of you in my community and I look forward to growing each and every day.


I am so incredibly excited to start sharing more about Human Design and what I am learning here on the blog and I would love to hear what questions you have about it. 


I am feeling so on fire lately and I am moving with this momentum! 


I am in this amazing creative energy and I am putting together some EPIC freebies and offers for you all!


Think guides to learning how to love yourself and stop giving a f*ck what others think or say about you.


Human Design readings.


A can’t miss membership opportunity with an AMAZING founder’s deal.


I’ll be announcing everything on here and on Instagram soon (www.instagram.com/theamymae) so stay tuned!




Amy Mae


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